Glass Doors

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Patch Fittings

We offer a range of Patch Fittings used in Frameless Glass Doors - normally for 12 mm thick. These are for heavy duty application and comes in different designs and derivatives. Correct fittings can be chosen on the Basis of Aesthetic and usage patterns.

Hydraulic Patch

An innovative patented Technology, this Hydraulic Patch fitting eliminates the requirement to dig the floor for installing a frameless glass door. The Bottom Patch is having an in build hydraulic System. The fitting comes for both internal as well as external doors. A new model is introduced which can be used in a Wooden Door too. All Hydraulic Patches are tested as per EN 1154 certificate by intertek USA.

Glass Door Handles

An array of different designs complimenting the aesthetics of the Interior, all Ozone Glass Door handles are made of High Quality SS 304 grade Stainless Steel. The fixing system is dependable for a high traffic area too. For internal applications like Cabins, Conference Rooms etc. we also offer a Handle with an integrated lock system.

Frame Profiles

We offer a Dry Glazing System for installation of Fixed glasses ensuring a clean and aesthetically appealing finish as well as ensuring easy replacement and movement of Fixed Glasses for partition. These profiles also ensure a faster and clean completion of work as it does not require the floor cutting as conventionally done.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Pioneering and offering the Worlds Slimmest Profile in an Auto Door to Heavy duty bi parting and Telescopic Opening doors backed by an efficient on-site Service and Installation network, Ozone auto-doors are the best option for any residential, commercial or government project. A latest entrant is the Retrofit Sliding System which can convert an existing manual sliding door into an automatic one

Manual Sliding Systems

Sliding Systems in Glass and Wood for moving partiions in Kitchens, Drawing Rooms, Living Rooms etc. along with commercial sliding doors for offices, movable walls, sliding folding and so on - we are a one stop solutions for anything which slides.